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How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

air conditioner

How Much is a Cheap AC Unit?

Air conditioner installation and replacement can be expensive. That’s why asking questions about labor, parts, and installation is important. Air conditioner prices vary based upon size and capacity. For a 1.5 ton, 18,000 BTU unit the AC coil will cost $940. For installation with the AC, the average cost for this size unit is $1,895. For a larger unit, the price will correspondingly be higher. For a 3 ton, 36,000 BTU unit, it costs $1,650 for the unit alone, and for the unit and installation, the average cost is $2,990.

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

The air conditioner is essentially a central heating and cooling system that channels cool air throughout the ductwork in your home. Air conditioners work by creating a process that draws out the warm air inside the home, removing its heat. In a split system, the compressor does the job of condensing and circulating the refrigerant through the outdoor unit. This process turns the refrigerant from a gas into a liquid. After that, the liquid is forced through the indoor evaporator coil or the cooling compartment of the unit. At that point, the indoor unit’s fan circulates the air from inside the house to pass over the evaporator fins.

What is an Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner is a system or a machine that treats air so that it is much cooler. Air conditioners work best in a defined, usually enclosed area. In the air conditioning process, the warm air is removed and replaced with cool air. In the refrigeration cycle, the pump transfers heat from a lower temperature source into a higher temperature heat sink. Naturally, heat flows in the opposite direction. Refrigerated air conditioning systems work in the same way, facilitating heat out of the room where the unit is contained.

How Much Does a 5000 BTU Air Conditioner Cost?

A simple internet search yields a result where this is concerned. According to a leading department store website, a 5,000 BTU 115 Volt Window Air condition averages around $149.00, or one-hundred and forty-nine dollars. There are some variances in this price depending on the brand that is selected. From the researched website, there are options for customers to pick up the unit from the store, and to install it themselves. Regardless, it is always important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If that means that the instructions request a professional technician for the installation, it is important to move forward with that request.

How Can I Reduce my AC Electricity Bill?

There are a number of excellent ways for homeowners to reduce their electricity bills. During the summer, homeowners can turn up their air conditioner one degree. That will incrementally reduce the monthly electricity cost. Homeowners are also advised that using a smart thermometer will help as well. That’s because you can raise or lower the temperature according to when you are in the house. Efficiency is important, which is also true for air conditioning units. That’s why it’s important to regularly change your air filters and schedule maintenance visits from your local certified HVAC technician annually.

Which Air Conditioner is Better

As a consumer, it is important for you to understand the difference between different air conditioner brands. Please review the following list of brands, and feel free to research each of them individually to learn more.

  • Goodman Central Air Conditioners.
  • Trane Central AC Units.
  • Rheem Air Conditioners.
  • Lennox HVAC Units.
  • York AC Units.
  • Ruud Central Air Conditioners.
  • Amana HVAC Systems.
  • HEIL Air Conditioners.

When Air Conditioner Was Invented

Nicola Tesla and the breakthrough of electricity greatly assisted with the eventual invention of the air conditioner. Tesla developed alternating current motors, which made oscillating fans possible in the early 20th century. In 1902, Willis Carrier, who was an engineer from New York, invented the first modern air conditioning system. This particular mechanical unit sent air through water-cooled coils, which were designed to control the humidity in the printing plant where he worked. Twenty years later, Carrier followed up his original invention with the centrifugal chiller. This added a central compressor to reduce the size of the unit. 

What Air Conditioner Qualifies for Tax Credit

In order to qualify for energy tax credits, there are several important requirements that homeowners need to be aware of. The Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, which was passed in 2020, amended the Internal Revenue Code section 25C. In order to qualify for the section 25C tax credit, the air conditioner must be installed in the homeowner’s primary residence. Beyond that, certain types of heating, ventilation and air condition systems receive a tax credit. This tax credit is capped out at $500. The HVAC system in question must be deemed energy efficient under the standards outlined in the bill.

air conditioner

When Air Conditioner Smells Musty

There are several different important reasons for why a mildew smell may be wafting from your air conditioning unit. The most common reason stems from having a dirty filter. When filters are clogged and dirty, moisture builds and mildew grows.

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How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Furnace?

Gas furnace repair in progress

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Furnace?

On average, homeowners can expect to pay around two-hundred and fifty dollars for a gas furnace repair. It is important to note that this price may vary depending on what problems are occurring with the furnace. The range vacillates between one-hundred and thirty dollars and four-hundred dollars. In some cases, the high end of the spectrum is one thousand dollars.

What Causes a Gas Furnace to Stop Working?

Gas furnace repair and replacement is an important service, particularly in the midst of winter. The causes of furnace failure are varied. However, one of the prominent reasons is a clogged furnace filter. Over time, dust and dirt will clog an air filter, which in turn restricts airflow. When this happens, the heat exchanger overheats and shuts off too soon. This will cause the home not to warm up properly. 

Another potential cause for furnace failure is a thermostat malfunction. Please check to see that your thermostat is on and properly set as a failsafe.

Yet another potential cause is if the circuit breaker has blown or tripped. In terms of troubleshooting your furnace, these are two critical steps in determining the cause of your furnace problems.

How Do You Troubleshoot a Gas Furnace?

The first thing you should do when troubleshooting your furnace is to clean or replace the air filter. As previously mentioned, restricted airflow will cause your furnace to turn off before the home has been properly warmed. Regularly cleaning or replacing the air filter in your furnace will save you from serious furnace problems in the long run. The next step in troubleshooting is investigating your thermostat. Replace the batteries in your thermostat if necessary.

If the problem with your furnace was not identified in earlier steps, please feel free to check the electrical panel for blown fuses or tripped breakers. Finally, sometimes the problem lies with the power switch to the furnace, so please investigate that area.

How Do You Reset Your Furnace?

It is important for homeowners to recognize how to troubleshoot their furnace. This is because a few simple steps can prevent you from having to call a furnace repairman. Please review the following bullet points to learn more.

  • Locate the circuit breaker and turn off power to the furnace. Your circuit breaker should be recognizable through markings.
  • Next, you will lift up the blower compartment cover. Once you have done that, you can approach the blower wheel and motor. You may need a Phillips-head screw for this part. If the housing is hot, please allow it to cool before resetting the rest button.
  • Search for a small red or yellow button that is near the blower motor. It should be on the side. 
  • If it has popped up, please press the reset button down.  Then you can place the blower compartment door back into place and turn the power back on to the furnace.

Is There a Reset Button on a Gas Furnace?

Yes, there is a reset button on a gas furnace. The reason why there is a reset button is to enable a furnace shut off before it can trip the circuit breaker. The reset button becomes important when the furnace gets too hot or if there is an electrical system problem. The roof, the HVAC system, and the plumbing must operate at a high level in order to have maximum efficiency. If you need gas furnace repair in High Point, NC, it is important for you to secure an appointment sooner rather than later. 

Gas Furnace Repair Near Me

If your gas furnace is short-cycling or showing symptoms of disrepair, it’s important to select a qualified and insured HVAC company. In order to find a good HVAC company, first, ask a friend or neighbor for a recommendation or referral. After you have exhausted your contacts, next go to your computer and type in “HVAC company near me” into google. This procedure will give you a list of relevant HVAC companies that are within a certain mile radius. Once you have a good list, next select the companies with reviews that sound authentic. Make sure that your final HVAC company selection specializes in furnace repair. With a little bit of luck and research, you can find an excellent HVAC company nearby.

Gas Furnace Repair Parts

The basic parts of a gas furnace include the burner, the heat exchanger, the ductwork, the ventilation pipes or the flue. While there are other parts that contribute to the furnace, these parts are of the most significance. Not every HVAC company sells gas furnace repair parts. If you feel competent in your knowledge of furnace repair and are looking for a part, make sure to call companies that list this as one of their services. 

Delayed Ignition Gas Furnace Repair

If you hear a large, scary ‘boom’ from your furnace every time it starts up, it is a big problem. In such cases, the furnace is essentially reporting “delayed ignition.” This will damage your furnace and possibly even burn you. Delayed ignition means that when your thermostat calls for heat from the furnace, a gas valve opens. This gas valve sends gas to the furnace’s burners to ignite the gas. When that gas isn’t ignited immediately, it allows gas to build up in the furnace. This is very bad! That’s because when the gas finally does ignite, it causes a big explosion. If you believe your furnace is suffering from delayed ignition, please contact an HVAC repairman immediately.

Gas Floor Furnace Repair

Floor furnaces distribute heat through convection, creating a hospitable environment through radiant heat. Although HVAC systems are installed in most modern houses, floor furnaces represent a suitable alternative for homeowners looking for an affordable substitute. Basic maintenance for these furnaces includes changing the air filter every thirty days in the wintertime and cleaning the air vent covers with a damp cloth every once in a while.

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Does an HVAC Require Yearly Maintenance?

A Technician Tests an HVAC System.

HVAC yearly maintenance

When you think about your HVAC having to get yearly maintenance, it can be a bummer. Not only for your peace of mind but for your pocket and bank account. Right?

However, you’d be surprised at how much you can actually save by having your HVAC checked and serviced annually. Yes, it’s true. You can avoid breaking the bank if you actually have your HVAC checked out every year. 

Remember, that not every repair that you’ll be needing to make to your HVAC system will be due to a sudden breakdown. Big repairs (and sometimes small ones) will always have to do with a bigger root problem. It usually goes like this: One thing breaks, another breaks, and another… and so on. 

Throughout this article, we’re going to discuss the most frequently asked questions when it comes to HVAC maintenance. Let’s dive in:

When should the HVAC be Serviced?

Good question, when exactly should the HVAC be serviced? Should you wait until something goes wrong? Or do you do it yearly?

Answer: The answer to this question is quite simple. No matter what type of air or heating equipment you own, it should be inspected, maintained, cleaned and serviced at least once a year. The best-case scenario? Having the heating system inspected during the fall and the AC during spring.

How do you do HVAC Preventive Maintenance at Home?

There are several actions you can take annually to prevent your system from breaking down too suddenly, here’s a quick heating maintenance checklist for the fall season maintenance:

  • Filters should be replaced every 30 to 90 days.
  • Ignition burner check.
  • Inspect heat exchanger and heating elements, if damaged call an expert.
  • Flue system inspection.
  • Gas pressure inspection.
  • For gas furnaces, have a technician check for leaks.
  • Replace damaged pulleys or belts.
  • Clear standing water from pans and drain lines.
  • Lubricate moving parts like motors and bearings.
  • Thermostat check.
  • Heat pump check.

Benefits from Heating Maintenance Services

Heating maintenance services exist to prevent bigger issues that you might not be noticing, here are some reasons why you should get heating maintenance services at home:

  1. Reduce your repair costs: Big repairs equal big money. If there is something wrong with your system and you don’t know it, this could cost you big money in the future.
  2. Efficiency Improvement: Improve the efficiency of your system yearly by having it maintained.
  3. Extended Lifespan: Heating systems that are not properly maintained wear out much quicker than those that are.
  4. Safety: Keep your family safe from any gas leaks, fuel, or electric malfunctions.
  5. Comfort: When a heating system works correctly, it provides the comfort you need at home.

What Happens During an HVAC maintenance?

Depending on your system’s unique needs here are a couple of things that happen during an HVAC maintenance run:

  • Inspection and replacement of filters.
  • Careful and detailed visual inspection of the entire system.
  • Full cleaning out of debris and rubble.
  • Inspection of condensor drain.
  • Thermostat inspection.
  • Electrical connection inspections, such as voltage.
  • Moving parts lubrication.
  • Detailed inspection of exhaust outlets.
  • Inspection of connections and fuel lines.
  • Inspection of refrigerant levels.

How Often Should I Have an HVAC Maintenance?

As mentioned earlier, no matter what HVAC system you own, you should be conducting annual maintenance calls to save money, time, and extend the lifespan of your system.

Heating Maintenance Tips

  • Start maintenance before winter or summer.
  • Follow our HVAC preventive maintenance checklist above.
  • Call a technician for a detailed inspection.

Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance.

There are several benefits to having your HVAC annually maintained, here are a few of them:

  • Enhance your air quality: Air quality at home should be taken seriously. Contaminants such as mold, pet dander, bacteria, pollen, and dust, are being inhaled by your family every day. 
  • Improve your safety: Remember, a maintained HVAC system is a safe system. If you were to have a gas leak go unnoticed, this can cause serious damage to your home and family.
  • Reliability: Your system will operate at the highest of its abilities when you properly maintain it. You know you can depend on a high-functioning system to keep your family warm and comfortable. No more worrying about your system breaking down in the middle of the winter season.
A Technician Cleans the Cover of a Gas Furnace.

Final Thoughts

Now, you might be asking why is an HVAC maintenance so important? Well, mainly due to all of the money and hassle you can save from huge repairs in the future. Some of the benefits of having maintenance for heating systems are improved efficiency, enhanced air quality, comfort, savings, improved safety, and much more.

Call Immaculate Heating and Air Conditioning LLC today at 828-755-8150 if you’re on the lookout for proper maintenance of your HVAC system in Rutherfordton & Forest City, NC or surrounding communities. Our team will offer a free estimate as well as inspect, service and clean your entire system, ensuring it’s ready to keep your family safe and warm during the cold days.