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Excellent Air Conditioner Replacement & Installation Services

If your air conditioner system has stopped working or you have recently noticed something is off with your heating or cooling system, you might need a replacement or installation of a new system. 
Call 828-755-8150 today to talk with the experts at Immaculate Heating and Air Conditioning LLC about air conditioner installation and replacement service in Rutherfordton & Forest City, NC.

You Deserve Comfort in your Home

If the time has come to replace your air conditioner, it’s important that you start researching what your options are. When it comes to such an important system in your home, this decision cannot be taken lightly. You can’t just purchase the first AC unit you see at the store or online. There are certain aspects to choosing an AC you’ll need to take into account, such as type, size, efficiency, energy-efficiency laws, etc. You’ll also need to think about who to hire to make a reliable installation, so you ensure your system is long-lasting and correctly installed. For a team that can meet all of the above qualifications, call 828-755-8150 today. As an air conditioner installation and replacement service provider, Immaculate Heating and Air Conditioning LLC will make sure your AC is not only installed properly but will also inform you of the best air conditioner options for your home. 

Immaculate Heating and Air Conditioning LLC Replacement & Installation

As a homeowner, replacing an AC unit is easily one of the biggest investments you’ll make. And because of this, you want to make sure it’s not only the right time to upgrade but that you also purchase the right system.

Considerations for a New AC System

  • Location: Where do you live? What humidity percentages do you often experience? What are the average temperatures in your location? The overall climate will affect the type, size, and value of the AC’s efficiency you choose.
  • Existing System: If your home has baseboard or radiant heating, this means you may not have ductwork. In order to avoid an expensive installation, we advise ductless mini-splits or one-room units. This is best for older homes as well, which are likely to not have ductwork.

No worries, Immaculate Heating and Air Conditioning LLC‘s team of certified technicians will be more than ready to help you make a decision. After our appointment, our contractor will be happy to advise on the system that fits your home the best. After you make a choice, our team will happily make the installation. Call 828-755-8150 today if you think you may be in need of an AC System replacement.

Types of AC Systems

There is a right AC system for your home available. Here are some of the options that are available to you:

  • Window, wall units, and portables 
  • Split systems and package ACs
  • Ductless mini-splits
  • Evaporative coolers

After these, you have energy-efficient air conditioners. Yes, if you’re worried about your CO2 footprint and being green is important to you, you have options. Not only that, these are perfect for saving you some bucks in cooling and heating bills. These are other reasons why homeowners should consider energy-efficient models

  • Savings: You most likely use your AC every day, 24 hours a day, all year long. This accounts for 50% (or more) of your energy bills, especially during the summer. If you decide to upgrade to an energy-efficient model, you can cut cooling bills by as much as one third. 
  • Home Comfort: Not only will an energy-efficient model lower your cooling bills, but it will also provide comfort to your home. For instance, a variable-speed blower motor will not only save you energy but will also avoid temperature fluctuations. Scroll compressors use refrigerants efficiently and cool any room quicker for more comfort on the hottest temperatures. 
  • Environment-Friendly: If you’re interested in green living and green building, not only will this be exciting news for your bank account, but it will also help the environment. Lower your carbon footprint with energy-efficient AC models.

No matter what model you choose, our company will be ready to take on the challenge of providing you with a high-quality air conditioner installation and replacement service in Rutherfordton & Forest City, NC. Call 828-755-8150 today. Our technicians would be happy to assist you. 

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